1. Advice and project coordination of your programmes which improve the welcome and participation of internationals in the Netherlands.
  2. Representing your programme at information fairs for internationals to understand which Dutch institutions and international organizations can help them in their daily lives.
  3. Organizing your events which stimulate participation of internationals in Dutch society through volunteer or paid work, or starting their own businesses.
  4. Translating your websites, project plans and reports to English or French.


  1. Advice on setting up programmes for internationals’ partners to help them settle down smoothly in the Netherlands and increase their satisfaction therefore optimizing your employee retention.
  2. Advice to reach out to international and female customers for your services and products, including parents.
  3. Translation of website and promotional materials from Dutch to English or French, from French to English or English to French.
  4. Community management of your professional Facebook page or Twitter Account.


  1. Helping you find a home, school and daycare for your family
  2. Supporting you in your job or volunteer work searches by optimizing your CV, cover letters and LinkedIn profile.
  3. Connecting you to relevant people in your field and community, companies and organizations.
  4. One on one social media advice.
  5. Directing you to the most suitable professionals to support your children.
  6. Explaining the content of Dutch official letters that you receive.

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